We ARE CURRENTLY shipping with USPS AND HAVE PICKUPS AT OUR NEW LOCATION 3XWEEKLY AND/OR DHL, UPS OR FedEx depending on the buyer's request and/or cost. Our standard method is the United States Postal Service as they seem to be the most gentle with fragile goods (also the most financially sound option for overseas buyers) but if you have a preference in mind, we'll go that route. WE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING THROUGH BACK-ORDERS FROM BANDCAMP PLACED DURING THE PANDEMIC AND WILL BE COMBINING NEW ORDERS WITH ANYTHING ON BACK-ORDER FROM THE ECHOSPACE [DETROIT/STUDIO SHOPS] UNLESS REQUESTED OTHERWISE. WE ARE CURRENTLY DOING OUR BEST TO GET ALL NEW ORDERS PLACED OUT WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

All MIDNIGHT BLUE vinyl SERIES REMAINING [ECHOSPACE008, 009 + 010] orders FOR UK/EU CUSTOMERS are BEING expedited via our distributor (www.rubadub.co.uk) and our fulfillment partner (www.recordscience.co.uk), their website should be live here shortly.