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There's been a world of hurt in regard to this album, the original masters recorded from 1996-2010 were submerged underwater due to the flood in our home studio where boxes of old reel's were never to be recovered again. Finally, years of restructure on live recordings and pain staking undulation in the restoration process have lead us to finally

There's been a world of hurt in regard to this album, the original masters recorded from 1996-2010 were submerged underwater due to the flood in our home studio where boxes of old reel's were never to be recovered again. Finally, years of restructure on live recordings and pain staking undulation in the restoration process have lead us to finally accomplish what so many expected wouldn't happen: an awakening of sagacious spirit: With that being said It's our distinct honor to present the sonic world of "dimensional space" the highly anticipated debut album from cv313. This album has taken a cosmic eclipse where two events collide for Unison. The culmination of this project lead to synergy, creative experience re-invented and re-imagined, flow of an astral vortex.

We're not sure why this was still listed in pre-order, must have been a glitch on the matrix. Here's all the bonus content culled from the recording sessions for Dimensional Space (1997-2010). Now available in all digital formats.

Thoughts & Reviews:

There are album delays, and then there are album delays. At three years, cv313's debut album Dimensional Space certainly qualifies as an inordinately long one. But the delay wasn't caused by some bureaucratic logjam; instead, the original masters, recorded between 1996 and 2010, were the victims of a flood in Steve Hitchell and Rod Modell's home studio, with some reels completely ruined and others able to be salvaged and painstakingly restored. A characteristically epic collection from the Echospace [Detroit] stable, Dimensional Space pairs an eighty-minute set of originals with a “Subtraktive” disc featuring cv313's own version plus variations by The Sight Below, Reference (Luke Hess and Brian Kage), King Midas Sound, bvdub (Brock Van Wey), and Hitchell and Modell under the Intrusion and Deepchord Presents Echospace monikers.

Dub-techno is the label that's sometimes assigned to the music Hitchell and Modell have released under a number of different aliases, but it's an imperfect term, even if a convenient signifier: as Dimensional Space repeatedly illustrates, their music refuses to be restricted by so simple a designation. If anything, it makes more sense to cast aside genre labels in favour of adjectives such as aquatic, enveloping, oceanic, reverberant, and vaporous, the accumulation of which allows the listener new to their soundworld to acquire some preliminary sense of its character. The material on the release is hardly techno as conventionally defined (if anything, cv313's understated swing has more in common with house), though it does share with dub a concern for multi-dimensional production design.

The eighty-minute opening disc features seven originals of varying mood, the shortest eight minutes and the longest sixteen. Some are rhythmically charged pieces, whereas others drift in a comparatively dream-like and laid-back manner (“Energies Collide,” “Evocation,” “Sella Bay”). Within “Luna Petra,” the presence of a muted instrument—the density of the soundmass of which it's a part makes it difficult to determine whether it's a melodica, harmonica, or horn—lends the material a jazz-like feel. A lumbering pulse injects the burbling swirl of “Serenity Thru Sorrow” with a kinetic and funk-inflected force as cold gusts of winds blow across the track's slippery surfaces, while “Clouds Beyond,” a barely contained fireball of energy, exudes even more propulsive drive in its bubbly, bass-thudding broil.

cv313's ultra-vaporous stepper “Subtraktive,” which captures in a single track the project's persona in its essential form, inaugurates the release's second half. And though it admittedly has the feel of a bonus disc due to its concentration on remix treatments, it also plays very much like a natural sibling to the first half when the guests don't wholly strip the original's cv313 identity away from their own versions. The Sight Below's, for example, could easily be mistaken for a Hitchell and Modell original, while Intrusion's understandably feels closely connected to the original, given that Hitchell's the man behind the Intrusion mask. Not all, however, hew as closely to cv313's version. Hess and Kage's feels like a club track straining to break free of its chains and unleash a full-on house groove—something that Deepchord Presents Echospace's pumping “Live Dub,” in fact, accomplishes. In an especially bold makeover, King Midas Sound re-imagines the track as a trippy dub poetry reverie replete with a female lead vocal, while Van Wey shows himself to be his characteristically voluminous self in transmuting the original into a sweeping, twenty-minute “Journey East of the Lotus Leaves” opus. It seems only fitting that Dimensional Space should end on such an epic note. -Textura Magazine

Detroit and Chicago to worship the Polish Jasna Gora.

The fate of this material made by Stephen Hitchella and Rod Modell under the banner cv313 were quite unlucky. Included in the system records were born since 1996, have been published on vinyl releases, but finally had to appear on a double album prowess summary of the project in 2010. But it did not happen - because fate would have it, there was a flood which resulted in the studio suffered from both manufacturers, including songs and prepared to "Dimensional Space". The following months have passed on the laborious recovery of lost registration. In the end, the process was a success - and today we can already enjoy this set, covering up to nineteen recordings.

The beginning of the build is very subdued character. It consists of muted recordings by reduced bits carry with grace cavorts synthesizers. Far come fragments of vocals and dub chords nurzają in successive waves of analog noise (both versions of "Luna Petra" and "Collide Energies").

A complete variety of mood brings the central segment of the collection, which consists of eight deconstruction of the famous song "substractive". While King Midas Sound dub majestic hits its developed for rough crushing bass and keyboards, so Bvdub rocks dreamy ambient filled with angelic choirs. American creator Rafael Anton Irisarri (here as The Sight Below) surprises radical shift towards energy techno and Luke Hess and Brian Kage serve an epic version of said composition by slowly and deliberately constructed narrative. Contemplating "Subtractive" ends enter the recording in the formula of gentle dub-house music in the style of Maurizio - two remixes realized by DeepChord and Intrusion.

Much more hard bit hits "Infinit-1" - and leading us into a massive techno filled with sewage effects and underwater passages synthesizers. "Space" is growing consistently, these threads - adding by more reggae sound of yearning chords. There is no lack of such sounds also in the "Dimensional" - although this composition has a slightly faster rhythm and a more minimalist design.

The best recordings from the whole set Hitchell and Modell leave at the end. "Steering By Starlight" sounds a little as a unfinished demo - surprising slow pulse and economical sound. Within ten minutes of his course work, however, it creates an unusual atmosphere - like a hypnotic ride through the vast desert. And finally, the album's magnum opus - fifteen recording at how close to us the title of "Jasna Gora". Here, too, US producers rely on raw sound: this combination of measuring bit and subsequent cascades of chords spogłosowanych but does so incredible feeling that sends shivers up the spine. And imagine how these sounds zabrzmiałyby in the scenery famous monastery!

Three hours of music cv313 will satisfy any fan of this kind of music. The more that this kit offers all its varieties - from typical ambient version, the spicy, firmly embedded in the Jamaican context, if modeled on club styles, techno and house. In any case, these sounds are saturated with the same extraordinary mysticism, which is hard to find in the work of other professionals from such play. And that is what the uniqueness of the music created by Stephen Hitchella and Rod Modell. -Nowamuzyka Magazine (PL)

At long last the hugely anticipated Dimensional Space LP from Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell’s CV313 project is upon us. The release, out on Echospace Detroit, is an engaging lucid dream into a submerged dub techno world. Perfectly crafted, each piece hovers around the 10-minute mark, allowing a sense of space to develop through the use of glistening chords and treacle-like bass frequencies. For remixes the producers turn to the likes of Reference (Luke Hess & Brian Kage) and King Midas Sound who both take us deeper down the rabbit hole with their own added personal touches. -Bleep

Epic three and a half hour digital edition with bonus content At long last, Echospace's CV313 project, 'Dimensional Space' finally sees the light of day, packing one disc of original material backed with extensive revisions from Steve Hitchell and Rod Modell themselves, plus additional reworks by King MIdas Sound, BVDub, The Sight Below, and Reference. So the story goes, the original masters recorded 1996-2010 were submerged underwater due to a flood in the duo's home studio, with many reels never recovered. The ones they did manage to salvage have been painstakingly restored to form CV313's debut album proper. The original material comprises eight nebulous pieces of perfectly detached dub techno intended for healing, meditative purposes. The average length of each piece is 10 minutes, allowing the duo plenty time to feel out fathomless bottom end and vaulted reverb structures, bobbing on slow churning ocean of dub noise. The versions are warmly faithful to the original material, and include strong highlights in the shoegazing shimmer of The Sight Below's Subtraktive mix, a blooming Reference mix from Brian Kage and Luke Hess, and the desolate dub poetry of King Midas Sound. -Boomkat

The long awaited “debut” album of cv313 (echospace) “Dimensional Space” has finally arrived on wax. It’s an absolute triumph of an album, presenting the depth and range of their work, and housed in a stunning black and silver silk-screened sleeve.

“Luna Petra” is the standout track with its muted trumpet beautifully emerging from the dubby whirl. Like their other best work, this one makes it difficult to tell what you're hearing, swirling vocals dubbing into oblivion interlock with one another and the deep dubby bassline. “Beyond the Clouds (Seconds to Forever Livemix) is a rework of the Seconds to Forever cdr release that manages to improve on the excellent original. It’s a tunneling, 20+ minute psychedelic dubtechno journey as only cv313 can pull off, and one of their greatest tracks yet.

“Isis” is on the cloudy ambient tip with an ultra-deep bassline, good for mixing with. But on its own, the mind starts to wander after 7 or 8 minutes. “Beyond Starlit Skies (reimagined)” pulses along with a steady dance-ready beat under hypnotic, cascading echospace-y sounds that mutate into and through one another (in a similar way to “Beyond The Clouds (III)”). “Stella Bay” rounds out the album with deep, meditative dub. -No Chicago

cv313 aka Rod Modell (DeepChord, Echospace) and Steve Hitchell. This release had a three year delay after the original masters (recorded 1996-2010) were submerged underwater due to a flood in their home studio, with many reels never recovered. This is very similar to DeeoChord, long lingering trance-y, dubby tracks. There are beats but they are so overshadowed by other shimmery, ethereal elements. Im not even sure if you can consider this techno, more like ambient drone with a beat. According to the Echospace website ‘The culmination of this project leads to synergy, creative experience re-invented and re-imagined, flow of an astral vortex’ and that pretty much sums it up hippies. -KFJC 89.3FM

Nein, keine Ahnung, wer sich dahinter verbirgt, aber die eutliche Liebe zum Berliner CR-Universum lässt auf jeden Fall vermuten, dass die Labelbetreiber Hitchel und Modell irgendwie an der Produktion beteiligt waren. Zwei lange, deepe Tracks, die in ihrer stoischen Trägheit vor allem von der schwebenden Schunkelei der Echos leben und mit ihren kurzen Dub-Stabs auf dem Weg in Richtung Heimat sind. Und doch klingt es ein bisschen moderner, ein bisschen mehr upfront, allein schon wegen der 707-Bassdrum und dem nototrisch klackernden Rimshots. Ersetzt die Heizung im Winter. -De:Bug Magazine (DE)

Top 100 Tracks of 2014 @ TEA. www.teaandtechno.net/tea-favourites-2014/top-100-tracks-for-2014/

cv313's "Sella Bay" featured on Steve Barker's BBC Radio Lancashire.



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